The Name Above Every Other Name
Jesus Christ
The Man of Sorrows
Worthy of All Praise
Emmanuel: God With Us
The Word Made Flesh
The Word of Life
The Son of The Living God
Son of the Virgin
The Messiah
The Most Holy Messiah
The Lamb of God
The Lamb of Salvation
The Lamb That Was Slain
The Lion of Judah
The Root of David
The Balm of Gilead
The Great High Priest
The Anointed One
The Christ
The Holy One of Israel
The Bridegroom
The Light of The World
The Sun of Righteousness
The Bright Morning Star
The Savior of The World
The King of Kings
The Lord of Lords
The Way
The Way For Our Life
The Truth
The Only Truth
The Life
The Real Life
The Resurrection and The Life
The Living Word
The Bread From Heaven
The Bread of Life
The Living Water
The Fount of All Holiness
The True Vine
Author and Foundation of Our Faith
The Shepherd and Bishop of Souls
Head of the Church
Universal Redeemer and King
The Just Judge
The Righteous Judge
The Solid Reality
The Saint of Saints
The Cornerstone
The Chief Cornerstone
The Beginning and The End

The Alpha and The Omega
The God Hero
Mighty God
Wonder Counselor
The Rock of All Ages
The Sure Foundation
The Strong Tower
The Mountain Refuge
The Chief Shepherd
The Good Shepherd
The Doer
Christ, The King
The Lord of Hosts
The Lord of All
The Deliverer
The Redeemer
The Promise of The Father
The Horn of Salvation
The Prince of Life
Our Covenant
Our Portion and Cup
Our Salvation
Our Advocate
Our Sanctification
Our Righteousness
Our Justification
Our Redeemer
Our Wisdom
Our Strength
Our Fortress
Our Victory
Our Shield
Our Champion
Our Joy
The Most High God
The Mighty Warrior
The Great I Am
Lord of Lords
Prince of Peace
King of Kings
Blessed Master
My Patience
My Provider
My Defense
My Hiding Place
My Healing and Wholeness
My Life and My Love
All That I Need
All That I Want
Lord God Almighty

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